Amset-Ra is an Egyptian pharaoh who ordered the creation of six treasures to help him conquer the world, but was defeated by rebels and sealed away.

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Thousands of years ago, the wicked Pharaoh Amset-Ra ruled ancient Egypt and hoarded all the riches of the land inside his trap-filled Scorpion Pyramid…but he wanted much, much more. He was served by legions of immortal mummy warriors and stone guardians of unstoppable might, but even that was not enough. At his command, the greatest sorcerers in all of Egypt crafted six mystical treasures that, when gathered together, would grant the Pharaoh enough power to conquer the entire world. But before that could happen, a band of rebels stole away five of the treasures, and Amset-Ra and his pyramid were buried beneath the desert’s shifting sands. Now the Pharaoh is about to return, and only a team of brave adventurers has a chance of stopping him!

The Legend of Amset-RaEdit

Thousands of years ago, Egypt was ruled by the cruel and mighty Pharaoh Amset-Ra. He had the power to control fierce beasts of the desert, and enchanted warriors sworn to serve him for all time.

But it was not enough. He commanded his sorcerers to create six magical treasures that would give him even more power; enough to conquer the whole world.

But before the Pharaoh could use the six treasures, they were stolen away. He sent his warriors to find them, but while they hunted the treasures, Amset-Ra was defeated and locked away inside his own trap-filled pyramid.

Now Amset-Ra sleeps, but one day he will awaken and claim his power. You who discover this table-it must be your quest to find the treasures and keep them safe. But beware, for the Pharaoh's servants still stand guard, waiting for their master to rise again.

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